Here’s The Bedrock of Writing That Works.

“Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.”

P.J.O’ Rourke .

Recently I have found one thing to be true_ most of what we write draws from what we know.

And one of the potent source of knowing for writers is through books.

The man who reads is making a writer of himself.


From books come the nutrient and raw materials for good writing.

If that be your aim to be a good writer, here is an advice from one of the greatest advertising man:

“One hour a day, read. Read everything in the world except your business. Read junk. Very much junk. Read so that anything that interests you will stick in your memory. Just read, just read, just read.”

To have a good writing career, you’ve got to give attention to not only just writing but also reading.

The writing that works has got nutrients from knowledge_ from books.

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