How To Draft Contents That Can Touch A Heart.

The kind of writing that touches the reader’s heart has the heart of the writer in it.

That’s my submission.

The content of your writing should have some piece of your heart in it. That’s what touches the heart of another.

If there’s no challenge, no pain, no emotions, no fear, no joy, felt as you wrote that piece, then how shall your reader feel them.

The writing that left us trembling also left the writer trembling, the writing that left tears in our eyes also left tears in the author’s eye while writing it.

A writer is not different from a reader; he too reads, except that he reads while writing .

But how shall we know that what we write is gonna touch a heart?

… through the number of likes, shares, comments, followers,…?

Well, Yes and No.


Because those are the likely effect of writing with your heart in the content.

For as in farming, whatever you sow you reap.

If you sow a heart, you will have another heart recognize its relation in those pages.

And who doesn’t approve what looks and feels like it own?

The likes, comments, shares…are all approvals. And you get them when you have their hearts through yours in the content.


Because the first evidence of writing such articles is that it touches the heart of the writer first.

The husbandman is always the first to taste of his produce.

You should be the first to approve of your work if it truly was from your heart.

In Conclusion

If you invest your soul into it, others will recognize it when they see it.

That’s what create a sense of brotherhood in your piece.

One will always recognize another of its kind.

For as Emerson said:

If we are related we will meet.

That’s how to create a content that touches a heart.

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