Why You Never Allow The Work Of This Hour To Spread To The Next.

Set deadlines for everything. Don’t let tasks go on indefinitely.”

___ Etienne Garbugli

One of the ways we sabotage our productivity is by allowing work to go on indefinitely.

As writers and bloggers this can be one of the greatest time wasting and unproductive habit that can be of great disadvantage.

Real Artist Ship.

That’s the truth; you don’t have to have a perfect work before you click the publish button.

Don’t worry, with time your work will gain the clarity and conversational quality you aim for.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Here’s the reality,

The improvements you seek in your work as a writer and blogger will only come when you develop the simple habit of just pushing your work and making 1% improvement on the next one.

When you allow the work of this hour to flow and linger into the next, you waste time and so your productivity decreases.

This Habit Will Help You Get More Done In Less Time.

Until you decide to publish your work there’s always a hesitancy to complete your work .

Deadlines prompts the mind to do the essential and filters out the non-essential.

That’s how your creativity – by increase in your productivity Index.

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