The Productivity- Profitability Loop. Here’s How To operate It.

When your focus on every content is to offer something of value to your audience, that’s productivity.

Most of the times we don’t realize that, but let that not happen to you again. You are now more informed than a vast majority of bloggers.

Productivity and Profitability is a loop similar to the Cause and Effects law of nature. It doesn’t fail , trust me when I tell you this.

So here is the system before you; now how do you operate it?

Which comes first productivity or making profit?

Dear friend, productivity is cause while profitability is effect.

Choose The Cause And You Will Have The Effect Added To You.

In the same way you will have the egg if you choose the hen.

Hen is the cause while egg is the effect. That’s the summary of this loop.

Money is a good reward for a job well done.

It’s a good positive feedback.

But it shouldn’t be more than that; ‘cos in the end what’s gonna matter isn’t how much money you got, number of followers, or subscribers or 👍 or shares but that you touched a life by your content .

Yes that’s what’s gonna matter_ that’s the heavy weight reward of producing contents.

But here’s the promise:

When you are truly productive, profit will naturally come around anyways.


The same force that guides the precise system of day and night; summer and winter; the rising of the sun and the going down of the same, guides this process I tell you of this morning.

It’s a true loop system; you can’t possibly be productive and not be profitable in the process both to yourself and to your audience.

The two always go together – you can’t cause it without the effects coming as feedback.


This can be your turning point in your career as a content creator, whatever it’s that you produce_ videos, movies, books, blog posts….

Those who operate the productivity-profitability loop are the sought after in whatever field they choose.

Not because they are the best but because they have the best of their audience at heart.

Those are the people we can trust .

You can be among that group of individuals today!


The interest of your audience first ;… the profits follow afterwards.

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