So Many People Who Read Great Books and Articles Won’t End Great. Here’s Why.

Yesterday, I was reading Tim Dennings post on Medium where he talked about why a huge number of blogger won’t make profit blogging.


…blogged for five years and had nothing to show for it!

True: bloggers are some of the people that reads books and articles the most.

Now self-help books and articles are now all over the place. Bloggers consume them buh still remain poor!


Have you really asked why?

Have you asked why a lot of people who read great financial books _ Think And Grow Rich, The Richest Man in Babylon, The Secret of The Millionaire Mind_ still end up cold broke?

Along with bloggers, some majority of readers of great articles have no trace of what they read in their lives.

That is why I’m writing this this morning_ so you can break out of that affliction and lead a rich life _ in all spheres of living.

Reading in itself is hard work enough. To read without results can be the most frustrating work there’s.

But you can turn that around today.

Books still remains the greatest source of human wisdom and wealth I know.

This is Why Many People Don’t Have Results:

Reading for information and not for action.

I have longed realized that some materials written on most personal development publications are written for action.

The mistake we make is this:

We start looking out for quotes, anecdote, new grammar….


How can that attitude and approach to books not make one live without results?!

The next time you pick a book or open an article to read, here’s what you MUST look out for:

What to Do and How to Do it.

We read therefore to find what to do and how to do it/them in our pursuit of a better life.

Call To Action

You never can tell, just one action you take on what you read or hear can turn your life around.

I believe this is one of such articles.

Really take action on this and when it works for you, please don’t forget to share your success story with us here.

Have a Great day today!


  1. Very True! Same problem to me. I read articles and self development books but I am not able to make the most of it. I just read, grab some information but only much in my life. Can you please tell me what should I do to fix it?

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    1. Thanks for the asking.

      I have been in that crowd myself.
      Buh here’s what I did that helped me:
      I started to use books for course correction rather than for initiating actions.

      This is what I mean:
      A classical example for me was sales.

      I have written a book that I sell myself.

      Rather than sell I will rather read alot on sales.

      Still the books were still unsold and so no money came in.

      Until the day I stopped the whole weak system_ I then started to just go and sell and whatever didn’t work well , I return to books to know how to do it better the next time.

      In other words actions before reading was what helped me out.

      Hope it helps…😍


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