We Cannot Predict Success; We Can Only Increase The Possibilities Of Achieving It.

Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

after writing the longest post yesterday, it dawned on me that of a truth success is one thing that we cannot predict; we can only increase the possibility of achieving it.

it was the longest post i’ve ever written, but it came of to be one of the lowest viewed post i have ever written!


for the first time in my life i discovered that there was a limitation the input of men in bringing about certain realities in their lives. In my case, the articles that i worked on the most had one of the lowest traffic.

it was frustrating, but i learnt and to that i’m so grateful.


Never forget that.

As educator and reformer, Sir Ken Robinson, has said, “ If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original.”

that i spend a lot of time and efforts writing this on this cold morning doesn’t mean after reading it you are going to click the “ clap” button, which to me is success or that you are going to comment, which to me will be a dream come true.

i have published more than 50 articles on WordPress.

guess how many comments i have got on those articles:



We can only increase the possibility of success _we can’t predict or control it.

what you refuse to create content ?

that would be dangerous _ the chance of achieving any success is reduced to almost zero.

but if you take the courage and discipline to produce content anyway, then the chance of getting an audience to “ like” or “comment” increases by 20% -30%-50% depending on a number of factors_some in your control and others out of your control.


NEVER EVER GIVE UP _ if you keep at it with all your heart, a day is coming when these are going to serve you some great advantage.

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