Creating Amazing Contents Can Be Difficult Sometimes. Here is How To Make It Easy.

Photo by AIKIG on Unsplash

If you can really understand this system, it can be a turning point in your life as a writer. so please do approach it with an open mind.

To come up with good contents as a blogger or a vlogger really takes some doing and sometimes it can really be difficult.

You are not alone on this; even elite writers once felt the same way and still do, to some degrees.

It takes some serious effort to create great stuff. That article that is so easy for them to read is actually difficult for you to write.


Those are some of the early realities that confront all writers especially at the early stage of their careers.

But not everyone remained there; elite writers turned the table around — they broke through that resistance to become elite writers.

Isn’t that the beauty of life, to make consistent and significant progress with time?

That is why it is not normal for you to experience the same resistance you had four years ago at this point in your writing life.

Why ?

To truly create content that accomplish it purpose _that make the reader put into action the intent of the writer, you must make the shift from experiencing the resistance of the activity to the resistance of the art of writing

novices experience the resistance of the activity; masters the resistance of the art.

The resistance of the activity of writing is the resistance in turning an idea into a message .

It involves the engineering of an idea into some thing of value_ a video, an article, a book, a movie, an ad, and what have you_ that communicate a message to the consumer.

That’s what the resistance of the activity of writing is about.

But that is quite different from the resistance of art.

The resistance of art is about fine-tuning your message to evoke the intended action from your readers_to subscribe to your channel/blog, to buy your online course,…

I call it the work of design.

It’s the type of effort that impregnate your message with content capable to stir and emotion in your readers/audience to act on the message in a specific way.

That’s the the work that makes you an elite writer or content creator_ a master in the world of making content that work miracles.

I’ve got a good news for you:

You too can come up with those kind of contents.

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

Here is how:

Aim beyond the process to the end of having your content created.

This is what i mean:

There was a pottery class in the United States that makes ceramics.

One day,the teacher took half of the class and she told them “At the end of this term,your grade will be given on the weight of pots that you create.”

And to the other half, she said, “You will be evaluated on your most finished piece of pottery.”

And what happened?

The first groups went into action spontaneously to produce and experiment with different shapes and sizes and colours and whatever they could think about.

The second group went on to read, think, read some more and went to see a number of masterpieces of pots in the museums; and the first time they touched clay was few days before the end of the class .

The result?

All of the best pots were made by the group that focused on weight_the first group.

“ Success is essentially a number’s game.”



Here is the formula:

Set a goal each day to come up with a certain number of articles each day ( mine is five articles every day) and work on them as a craftsman _fine-tune each of them and then publish one or two and see how it goes.

Use the feedback to work on the rest and very soon a pattern will appear _ the pattern that works miracles.

Then shall you be able to create contents that works miracles.

That’s how you too can be an elite writer.


Resolve today to make that formula work out miracles for you.

Pick a number that you will discipline yourself to get done each day

And straight up, you are on your way to becoming an elite writer before the end of 30 days of consistent practice.

See you at the top!!!

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