Beneficial vs Interesting

These are the two choices we have to make as we read. We can either read for pleasure or for utility.

As you pick a book to read or open an article to read tomorrow , these are the two path that will show up before you – either to read for pleasure or for utility .

Well, reading for pleasure has no law to it ; that’s the widest path. It’s the path of least resistance.

But if your aim is to read for utility, then you have to pay close attention to what it takes to do that.

It’s a law; it’s the path of great resistance. it’s the road less travelled.

The Law to Reading for Utility.

The law states that if you must get utility from what you read, you must translate the information into images.

It may sound simple but don’t allow the simplicity to deceive you.

Why ?

That skill of translating information into images takes some doing over time to develop. it’s a skill that must be honed to stay alive.

How to Develop and Start Using This Skill .

It happens after you have read a paragraph, a chapter or a section of a book.

This is the skill :

Explain what you have read to yourself without the material.

Here’s the secret:

We absorb information in bits and pieces , but to bring them out is not in the same manner.

The information will never come out until it makes sense to your filtering system. And what makes sense to it is when the image of that information is fully formed.

Here is the process the information follows to have it’s image developed:

  1. Study
  2. Test Yourself : you will encounter some difficulty explaining some parts ( grey areas)
  3. Restudy what You Didn’t Know
  4. Test Yourself Again
  5. Until you Learn it.

A word of Caution :

If you are just starting out, try using it after you have read a paragraph. And then you can progress to a section and then chapter as you get better at it.

That takes time and some deliberate practice of this skill .

In my outline for the week, Wednesdays are for Books .

Thanks for reading and I hope you get some very important point from what you have read.

Thanks once again for your time.

Good morning .

And do have a wonderful day.

Joshua Idegbere.

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