How to Make Work Fun .

Do you know why there’s so much exhaustion in the work place today?

Attitude of mind towards what we do in the workplace.

Here’s how:

Our perceptions of what we do are different; what one may perceive as a game another may perceive as work.

That’s an attitude of mind. And it’s what makes a great difference whether it’s going to be fun or grinding.

The mind perceives fun as beneficial and so never gets exhausted from it. The mind naturally loves what is fun to do and it perceives as beneficial.

On the other hand , the mind perceives work as what’s not beneficial but one just have to do as a necessity. Therefore, it get easily exhausted from it because of the way it’s perceived.

That’s the reason why a lot of persons are not fulfilled despite the huge amount of money in their Bank balance.

No man can succeed in any line where he finds himself in disagreement and where unhappiness results.

~ Claude Hopkins

Work can be fun; and you also can start tap-dancing to work this week, like Warren Buffet.

How ?

When you just can perceive it as a game; that’s only when it becomes fun.

Here’s what Hopkins said in his autobiography, My Life in Advertising:

“I come to love work as other men love golf …The love of work can be cultivated just like the love of play .

One can be just as much a game as the other . In both there’s rivalry ; there’s struggle to excel the rest. All the difference I see is attitude of mind .

It means a great deal , he said , when a young man can come to regard his life work as the most fascinating game that he knows . And it should be . The applause of athletics dies in a moment . The applause of success give one cheer to the grave .

That’s how to make work fun; when approach it as a game or an adventure.


The love is work is the secret to personal progress and fulfilment . That’s what can cause anyone to start tap-dancing to work each day like Warren Buffet .

To Your Success,

Joshua Idegbere

So many individuals view what

they do as work –

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