The Love of Work.

The shallow men judge us by likings, but they are not men to tie to . The real mean judge us by our love of work , the basis of their success .

~ Claude Hopkins , My Life in Advertising.

The love of work is the secret path to inventions and discovery ; the path to personal transformation .

In the words of one of the greatest advertising men who ever lived , Claude Hopkins:

The man who does two or three times the work of another learns two or three times as much . Be makes more mistakes and more successes , and he learns from both .”

The only way we may progress to greater heights of success is by how much we learn from the school of experience – the school of life.

Learning forms the individual rung on the ladder of success ; how much we learn and the variety and uniqueness of each, ultimately determines the height of our success in life and work .

The height each one scales on the ladder of success is going to be proportional to how much hours he invest in his field of choosing to experiment with possibilities along the way .

Your Life Shrinks and Expands With Your Willingness to Take Risks” said Anthony Moore .

We do best in that which we love; in that which we like best, in it we do best by sheer love for it .And It doesn’t matter what it is .

Perspective is important ; if it appears to you as work, you may do only what is required of you , but if it becomes to you a game, you will love it and do more than is allotted you .

That was the attitude to work of the great advertising man, Claude Hopkins; to that attitude he attributed his profound success in the advertising industry . Hear what he said :

The time is only 35 years by the calendar , but measured by ordinary working hours and amount of work accomplished , I have lived two years in one .”

Love of work will grant you the love, support and admiration of other men who have risen to greater height through the same ladder of tremendous work .

The making of a man is in the school of working on what he loves ; nothing else transforms as much in significant measure .

Work ,said C. Mihaly, not only transforms the environmental by building bridges across rivers and cultivating barren plains ;

it also transforms the worker from an animal guided by instinct into a conscious , goal-directed , skillful person .

Here is the most stunning of all about the love of work in the life of Claude Hopkins :

“Frugality and caution kept me from disaster , but industry taught me advertising and made me what I am .

“If I have gone higher than others in advertising, or done more , the fact is not due to exceptional ability but to exceptional hours.”

To Your Success,

Joshua Idegbere

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