Locate Your Niche And Take Roots Downwards.

That’s one of the secrets that came with the 21st Century that only a few individuals know about .

It’s one of their secrets to becoming one of the top 5% in their industry.

And that makes them top performers in their chosen industries .

Here’s the outcome of that alignment :

More than 75% of the rewards in whatever kind, flows to the ,top 5% strata in any industry.

In his book, High Performance Habit , Brendon Buchard recounted a transformation that he had in his career :

“Eighteen months later, I found I had succeeded as an early pioneer in online education. Thousands of people were signing up for my online courses , some of which cost over a thousand dollars . Many people in my industry thought it was sort of magic act or assumed I was some kind of online genius.”

He went on to give the secret his explored and engaged that enabled him to produce such results in so short a time – eighteen months :

“I had simply looked into the future, identified what it would take to winning the industry in coming years , and then realigned my activities to develop the skills I needed to succeed.”

Why You Should Be In The Top 5%.

Brian Tracy told a true life story about a certain robber that was notorious for robbing banks .

He was in the police most wanted list for several months; and finally he was caught in his girlfriend’s apartment.

As he was taken into the police cars , a certain journalist asked him :

“Sir why do you chose to only rob banks and nowhere else?”

He looked at the young journalist with a smile and answered:

“Because that’s where the money is.”

In your chosen industry, the money is in the top 5% . That’s why you should strive to become a specialist rather than a generalist.

That is the secret to becoming among the top 5% – the top performers and most valuable persons – in that field .

Here is the good advice:

Locate your niche in your chosen industry and take roots downwards.

To Your Success,

Joshua Idegbere

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