Why So Many Will End Poor. And How You Can Avoid It.

People think focus means saying yes to the things you’ve got to focus on . But that’s not what it means at all . It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are . You have to pick carefully.

Steve Jobs

In my journal, I wrote an article titled Life On The Edge. And on that article, one of the very reason why it will be difficult for a lot of people to be success is because of one chief and subtle enemy of focus – distractions.

There is going to be a whole lot of failure epidemics among the sons of men in this generation. Not because of lack of energy or effort but because of distractions.

All around us today is a whole lot of agents of distractions; man’s most precious asset in the journey of life – the power of focus – is being threatened.

The technology era is a mixed season of both masive opportunity and distractions.

Again we live in a world where almost everything craves for attention – family, friends, acquaintances, spouse, projects,..

In short there’s a limited amount of mental energy for the insatiable crave of the persons and activities in our lives.

And the majority of the individual is trying as hard as possible to satisfy all these craves!

Little wonder he’s frequently exhausted and suffer burnouts.

He invests a whole lot of energy and time into most activities that have no value return in the future and this leaves him with little or nothing to invest in the persons and activities that are pillars to his life!

He doesn’t know that under any circumstances and in any situation that what is expected of him is usually less than 30%.

This ignorance betrays his focus to mind a lot of different activities and projects. And at the end of the day, he loses his mind.

That’s a subtle way to lose ones bearing in life. And when there is no bearing , the destination can’t be sure; his life is left to chances.

That’s why and how alot of persons and institutions are going to end poor and bankrupt with time .

But don’t let that be you ; here’s how you can avoid that :

In any situation you find yourself , let your first task be that you identify your task and what is expected of you . And it’s usually less than 30% .

And then invest the energy of your focus on that . Get it done and do nothing else .

In one of his articles, Steven Pressfield wrote this of Frank Sinatra :

Dan tells the story that when he was in the army stationed in Korea, one of his jobs was putting together shows for the troops. Frank Sinatra came over one time. Dan studied him carefully and, as he says,

One of the things I learned was that Frank Sinatra does not move pianos.

Frank has other guys who do that. Frank does only two things, Dan says.

Frank Sinatra sings, and he prepares to sing. That’s it.

Your wealth rests on two major determinants :

Mastery of your craft and

The amount of work that goes into it .

And you only have enough time and energy to do what you are here to do . And nothing more .

Invest it wisely .

To Your Success,

Joshua Idegbere

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