Why Examine Your Life…

So many years ago, a certain man made a very wise observation:

“The unexamined life is not worth living”.

I never knew how important this truth was until a time came in my life that forced me to examined and analyse a part of my life.

I was not having life going as it was; I know I had a problem but couldn’t really pick where it was coming from.

That’s about the worst state you can be in when faced with any problem. So always try never to be in the dark.

The art of examining each areas of our lives especially when faced with a challenge helps cast the light into that situation. And with the entrance of light comes the truth.

Just yesterday I sent my friend a text after writing a test that didn’t go too well. The result was out and he failed.

This guy is my friend and it’s kinda painful that happened to him- I felt really bad.

Then yesterday I was up by 1:46 am and was analysing the situation and how he can do better next time.

After some time of brain- storming and troubleshooting,I wrote this to him:

..I’ve been with my
thought since 1: 46 am

With just few persons
in mind, and u are one
of them.

The truth u need is
not far from u bro…

Effort + truth = Good Results

What u lack is not effort, not
discipline,not motivation.
it’s TRUTH.


And with truth comes an understanding of the challenge. Usually whatever you understand is under your control .

That’s where you should be in especially in matters that concerns you as an individual. You should in the control room.

And no one can be in that room with examining his life for truth and facts.

In my next post, I will share with you a very simple and effective method that helped me some few days ago.

Until then I wish you a very happy Sunday…

To Your Success,

Joshua Idegbere.

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