Your WHY.

Therein lies the joy of living. And that’s the ultimate of life, when you find the joy of living in your work.

In the words of Goethe,

He who enjoys doing and enjoys what he has done, is happy”.

And to me, writing was living. I can remember one of those days after I completed a book that I was writing, that I said to myself

“Even if I leave this Earth today, I won’t feel the pain, cos I’ve emptied myself into this

book. All that I’m has gone

into this book”

That’s how I felt so happy with life each day I write during those days until I gained admission into MedSchool.

Gradually my daily simple joy started to be to decline, writing became occasional .

I knew it was a disaster around the corner, but I couldn’t help it.

I went to Google looking for how I can get myself back, all I could get were advices and instructions on the “HOW”, “WHEN” ,”WHAT” to write…

I tried them, they worked for a while but later the buttom fell off – they’ve served their time. There was no motivation to write anymore. For a week, I may not even write; I lost my momentum!

It’s the darkest season of my life!

I was scared if that’s how I’m going to continue forever; life was not fun anymore, no where else could I get the peculiar joy of doing what I love.

Then came a certain day, after about four years, 2014 to 2018, that on considering all the suggestions I’ve been given on Google, I discovered that none was connected to a purpose; none was about WHY I should write!

Then I realized where I’ve missed it and then I searched within for my WHY.

My WHY was for the sake of my yet unborn child: to see through the lenses of this posts, the journey of my life and the lessons I’ve learnt that may be relevant to him…

I can tell you this, dear friend, I’ve never missed a day to write ever since I found my WHY.

To Your Success,

Idegbere Joshua 😍

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